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This is a short piece on self-esteem. I am in the process of writing a longer blog post surrounding self-esteem but it is such a big topic that applies to so many people (those with and without eating disorders). Here is a little journal entry that I wrote all the way back in March! Please enjoy 🙂

Oh self esteem, what a good friend that I really wish I knew better and was closer to. I spend a lot of time thinking about self esteem and wishing that it was something that I could truly embrace and actually have a bit of it. Anyways, here are some of the many thoughts that I have had about the ever so important aspect of self esteem.


My Journal: 03/25/2016
We are our biggest critics but that means we also have the capability to be our biggest supporters. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” So often we (or at least me, I can’t assume for everyone), allow the words, thoughts, ideas, and perceptions of others affect what we think of ourselves and how we see ourselves. Someone can receive 1,000 compliments everyday but still hate themselves because of that 1 thing someone said a couple months ago. Or maybe because they spent the morning in front of the mirror pulling themselves apart. Or maybe because they scrolled through instagram staring at the photoshopped, fake images of Victoria’s Secret models or bodybuilders and wondering why they didn’t look like that. While external self esteem is important, knowing it inside of you is probably even more important. Everyone could love and adore you, but you don’t know unless YOU know it inside of you (if that makes sense). Once I see myself for who I am as a person and just as the girl with an eating disorder, I will better be able to love myself. I want to become strong enough to the point where I know myself enough that is someone puts me down or says something negative, I can reach inside myself and realize that was nothing against me, rather problems with their own self.

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  1. Sushma


    Growing up in India as a brown skinned girl was so hard. It is a land of brown people who are aware of every shade of brown and judge you by the color of your skin. One is subjected to a lifetime of cruelty and discrimination based on something that one has absolutely no control over. It was harder for me as I had a Caucasian looking mother and sister and I inherited my father’s coloring. I was put down in public by people. My parents told me to disregard what was said about me and did their best to build me up each time someone took me down. It never worked. It was always easier to believe the negative even if it came from people who didn’t know me over the positive that came from people who knew me better than I knew myself. It took about 26 yrs before I realized that my happiness was in my own hands. I vowed to give everyone the right to make me happy but the right to hurt me had to be earned. I’m sharing this with you in the hope that this mantra assimilates into your system as it did mine. It’s a great feeling to love yourself.


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